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I'm Dominique.
I live in California.


In which Jimmy Fallon nails it. 

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oh my god you don’t understand how much i want to kiss you

or watch movies with you

or fall asleep with you

or drink coffee with you

or cuddle with you

or hold your hand

or go to amusement parks with you

or watch concerts with you 

or bake with you

i want to do everything with you and it kills me to know that i cant

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going back to school after a break is like when you pause a video game to go pee and when you come back you forget how intense and chaotic everything was when you paused it and the second you unpause it all your enemies collectively punch you in the face

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me:no one likes me
someone:I like you
me:no one likes me
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trying to forget a horrible memory like


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stop for just one second.

think about all the people you’ve secretly had a crush on. all the people you’ve found attractive, but never said anything to. every stranger you’ve temporarily fallen in love with on public transportation. all the people you’ve dreamt of and thought of in the early mornings.

and now take a moment to realize that you have been this person for so many people… and you have no idea.

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